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Red Star is our house in the Antelope Valley, New Mexico, approximately 5 miles from Interstate I-25 and 6.6 miles NW of Springer.

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North  South
Russell's Truck & Travel Center 5 Springer, New Mexico 6.6
Maxwell, New Mexico


Las Vegas, New Mexico 76
Raton, New Mexico


Santa Fe, New Mexico 126
Trinidad, Colorado 57 Albuquerque, New Mexico 185
Pueblo, Colorado 139    
Colorado Springs, Colorado 176    
Denver, Colorado 241    
Durango, Colorado 316    


East  West
Cimarron, New Mexico 15 Clayton, New Mexico 83
Eagle Nest Lake 35 Amarillo, Texas 222
Angel Fire, New Mexico 50
Red River, New Mexico 57
Taos, New Mexico 70


Nearest Locations
Area Attractions/Outdoor Activities
Major Services/Cities


Nearest Locations:

Mileage Chart

Our house is located approximately 6.6 miles NW of Springer. 
It is located just 5 miles from Interstate-25 and Russell's Truck & Travel Center, which includes the following services:

Springer, a small town of roughly 1,000, is located 6.6 miles from our house. Springer is the closest town with the follwing stores and services:

Local Post Office (zip code 87747) Motels (2)
Local Banks (2) Hardware Store
Department of Motor Vehicle Office City Hall and Magistrate Court
Insurance Agents Swimming Pool and Park
Barber Shops Museum
Feed Store Gasoline & Convenient Stores (3)
Town Newspaper Restaurants (3)
Community College National Guard
Liquor Store Colfax County Laboratory (Nursing Home)
Movie Rentals Medical Offices and Drug Store
Churches (over 10) Greyhound Bus Drop-Off (Drug Store)
Electric Co-op, including Internet services ($25-$30 a month) County Fair Grounds (Springer is host to the county fair in August)

Springer Lake (fishing and camping) is located 1.6 miles driving distance to the house. The property south of the house stretches on to the lake.

Raton, the county seat and largest town in Colfax County, is located 35 miles away, and offers additional services:

If you would like more information on Raton and the surrounding area, please visit


The climate is mild with 150 days of growing season. Rain falls July through August, providing excellent moisture for grain and bean crops. The high altitude (6,000 ft) and regular crop rotation keeps insects and weeds at a minimum.

Summer temperatures range from the 70s and 80s in the day / 40s and 50s in the evenings.
Winter temperatures range from 40s and 50s in the day / 30s and 20s in the evenings.

Area Attractions/Outdoor Activities

The area attractions and outdoor activities are the largest attractions to Northeastern New Mexico. Our house is located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. You will find many things to do and see, all within a very short distance.

Major Outdoor Activities

Cimarron, Red River, Angel Fire, and Taos are the most popular destinations. They offer many activities, including


Skiing is a popular event in Northeastern New Mexico, and our house is located at a perfect distance. Snowboarding, ice skating, snowmobile tours, and other snow sports are available as well. 

Taos Ski Valley
Red River Ski Valley
Angel Fire Ski Resort
Cuchara Ski Resort
Wolf Creek Ski Resort
Durango Ski Resort

Fishing & Camping

Fishing and Camping is available all over the area. Maxwell, Springer, Raton, and especially the Cimarron and Taos Canyons are home to popular fishing and camping spots.

Other fishing resorts are located 30 minutes to an hour an a half away: Clayton Lake, Cimarron Canyon, and Lake Maloya & Sugarite State Park in Raton.

Major Services & Cities

The two largest cities from Springer are Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. They are both about equal distance from Springer, and about a 3-hour drive on Interstate I-25. Both offer major shopping malls and airports. Albuquerque is a larger international Airport and offers more travel connections. Denver, Colorado, is also a major, International Airport, and is located over 4 hours north.

Pueblo, Colorado, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, are also two larger cities. They are both located equal distance from Springer, about 2 hours on the Interstate. Both offer minor shopping malls, services, and colleges. Santa Fe is home to a ski resort in the Sandia Mountains.

Schools & Education

School District
Maxwell Municipal Schools
Springer Municipal Schools
Wagon Mound Municipal Schools
Raton Public Schools
Cimarron Public Schools
Las Vegas Robertson High School
West Las Vegas High School
Clayton Public Schools


Higher Education City
Luna Vocational Technical Institute - Springer Springer, NM
Luna Vocational Technical Institute - Las Vegas Las Vegas, NM
New Mexico Highlands University Las Vegas, NM
Trinidad State Junior College Trinidad, CO
Pueblo Community College Pueblo, CO

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